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Once in, he opened up the closet and took out a bikini. "O.K.," he said. forum bbs voyeur "Put this on and in about a half-hour Sherry will be ready too. Then I'll see the both of you by the hottub." Being that I had leapt into a porn actress' body, I kind of had an idea what was coming up next. The man left the room and closed the door. I looked at myself in the mirror and carefully examined every curve of my body. I stroked my hands down the sides of my chest, gently rubbing my breasts, easing toward my stomach, and then toward my bush. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was actually feeling prettn bbs myself up, kds toplist bbs but it felt too good to stop. I sat down on the chair and spread my legs. I brought my hand toward my cunt and rub the outer lips. It felt great. I felt a warmth within my new anatomy and soon I felt moisture forming near the lips of my pussy. kds pedo bbs I continued rubbing the outer lips and the moisture soon became a regular flow of a slick liquid. My sense of who I was had left me and I began to actively masturbate myself. I quickly stuck a finger into my canal and rubbed the inner walls. I could feel the liquid all over my nude elwebbs fingers. It was quite a different sensation because not only was I being the giver, which I had done many times, but now I was also being the receiver. Before I got any deeper, I heard a knock on the door. The door real porn bbs opened and in walked a beautiful woman wearing nude bbs 16 year a bikini. "Whoops," she said. "Sorry to intrude in you like this, but I wanted to check if you were ready lo bbs nude for our next scene. It looks like you certainly are." I immediately blushed and said, "I guess I didn't hear you knock on the door." "Would you like to go over our lines?" she asked. "What lines?" I said. "Yea, I know what you mean," she replied. She walked over to me and sat on my legs. "We can start from when you sit down on the chaise-lounge," the woman, who I assumed was named Sherry, said. She rested her entire weight onto my legs as she wrapped her own legs around my body. She then took one hand and stuck it between both of our legs, facing her palm toward my pussy. russian pedo bbs portal Cupping her hand, she grabbed my entire bush, rubbing it gently as she did. She then leaned her face toward mine and adult tgp bbs began kissing me. I tried to ignore the fact that I was a woman and tried to enjoy the love-making as if I were a man. I tried to imagine that instead of grabbing my bush, she was stroking my cock. "You sure are wet," bbs paysites she said. "Are you ready to bbs pre illegal teens come yet?" I couldn't say a word. I was enjoying the sensations too much. I then felt a tightening in my pussy. I knew what this meant. It didn't feel too unlike an orgasm as a man. As I felt my pussy walls contracting, I thought that I had accidentally urinated. I looked between my legs and saw that in fact I was ejaculating a creamy liquid. "Ohhh," Sherry said. "I didn't know you could shoot." "I guess I didn't know either," I said, as I tilted my head backward, enjoying the orgasm. I had almost forgotten who I was until I heard a man's voice clearing his throat. I turned around and saw Al. "I guess you two are busy," Al said. "So, what am I supposed to do?" bbs yong I asked. "Aren't you going to give me an orgasm?" Sherry asked. "Come on Sam," Al said. "She's asking you to give her an orgasm." "I know, I know," I said. "Well, if you know, then give me your hand," Sherry said. I brought my hand to meet Sherry's and she lead it sun bbs elwebs to her crotch. I extended my fingers toward her hole and inserted them deep inside. "Al, what am I supposed to do?" I demanded. "My name's Sherry. And what you're doing feels great." "Ohh, sorry Sam," Al said. "I was enjoying watching the two of you getting it on. "Well?" I asked of Al. "Ohhh," Sherry said. "That feels so good." "Well, Sam. I didn't get too much out of Ziggy," Al continued, as he continued pushing buttons into the computer," but it appears that you're supposed to have sex with the director." "What!" I exclaimed. "Ohhh, Shannon," Sherry said. "I said that feels so good. Keep it up. You're fingers in my cunt feel so good." "Well, Sam. It appears that you're supposed to get pregnant with the directors baby." "What!" I exclaimed again. "Are you sure that's right." "Yes," Sherry said. "That is definitely right. Ohhh, stick them in deeper." "Just continue what you're doing," Al said, "and I'll try to nymphs erotica bbs get more information out of Ziggy." I watched as Al disappeared and I continued finger fucking Sherry. She brought both of her hands towards her breasts and began rubbing her nipples. "Make me come!" Sherry yelled. "I want to spray my fluids all over you. Make me come on your body. Stick your fingers in deeper." I did as she requested and I stuck teen info bbs my fingers in as far as they could go. "Bring them up higher," Sherry said. "Ohhh, yea, that's it. That's the spot. Keep going." I continued rubbing her inner walls as she continued rubbing her nipples. "Get on the floor," Sherry said. I did as she asked young model thai bbs and I stepped up off of the chair, removing my fingers from her cunt. I then lay down on the floor as she kneeled over my face with her cunt inches away from my mouth. She then brought her fingers to her cunt, stuck them deep inside, and began to furiously masturbate. "Uhhh, I'm going to come!" she yelled. And she certainly did. I could see a clear liquid spurting from her cunt. Each squirt landed squarely on my mouth and I couldn't help but lick it. "Ohhh, that was so good," Sherry said after she had spent all of her fluids. "Do you think we rehearsed enough?" she asked with a wink. "I guess so," I replied. "I'll meet ls mag gallery bbs you by the hottub in a few minutes," Sherry said as she walked out of the dressing room. I found the bikini that I was supposed to wear and I put it on. I walked around the studio until I found a room with a hottub in it. I assumed that this was the right place. I saw Sherry, who was already in the water, the director, and the camera crew. "Shannon," the director said. "Are you ready for this scene?" "Yes," I answered. "O.K., girls," the director said. young sandra bbs board "Let's start rolling. Action!" Sherry started the scene, "I love this hot tub. It's so relaxing." I paused, staring at Sherry and her breasts. "Come on Shannon," the director whispered as he pointed to kds teen bbs a cue card. I glanced at the card, slowly reading the lines. "I know what you mean. I don't think there's anything better than sitting in a hottub." "Well, I could think of one thing better." Sherry then began to move toward me, slowing extending her hands toward my shoulder. "Come on Sherry," the teensexbbs director began, "you're supposed to kiss her." I bbs xxx land biz had no objection to this, so I moved toward her and kissed her squarely on the lips. She brought her hand toward my chest and began fondling my breasts. When I felt how sensitive and erotic her touch was, I remembered that I had leapt into a woman's body. But this did not matter. I continued thrusting my tongue deep into Sherry's mouth. "Have you ever sven is back bbs made love to a woman?" Sherry asked, breaking off the kiss. I looked toward the cue card, "Uhhh, no, I haven't." "Don't worry, I'll be gentle with you." I saw Sherry's hand extend past me and she reached toward a rather large dildo. She dunked it under the water and I could feel it touching my thighs. I watched the camera crew as they readied the camera to be brought under water. I then felt the dildo penetrating into my body. It went in rather easily, but I was still shocked that I was being fucked with a dildo. It felt tremendously good, though. She gently eased it in and out, bringing me nearer and nearer to orgasm. "Sam," Al said as his holographic image appeared in the hottub. "What do you want?" I asked Al. "Shannon, what are you pedo sex pics bbs saying," the director said. "That is not on the cue card. Come on, just read the card. Oh, never mind. Improvise Sherry." "I want to watch you come," Sherry said. "Well, Sam," Al said. "The reason why you're supposed to have sex with the director is that you're supposed to have his child." The dildo inside of me felt almost too good to listen to Al. "Are you sure?" I said slightly moaning. "Yes, I'm sure I want to watch you come," Sherry responded. "That's what Ziggy says." Al said. "You nudist bbs jpg just try to get it on with the young lol bbs director and I'll try to find out more." I watched as he disappeared from the hottub and rested my head on the edge, waiting for my orgasm. I could feel my vagina clinching the dildo as I convulsed into an explosive orgasm. I let out phtc bbs board moans magic angels bbs as I came and I could not believe how good this orgasm felt. "Cut!" I heard the director yell as I regained consciousness. "That's a wrap. We'll continue tomorrow. Sherry, I'd like to talk to you." "Jim," one of the camera men yelled out, "do you want me to move the cameras into the bedroom for tomorrow's scene?" "No, you can leave them by the hottub for tonight," the director replied. Realizing that the director's name was Jim, I started in, "Yes Jim, what do you want to talk to me about." "Well Sherry, I know this is your first movie, but you've got to be more willing to do certain scenes." "Like what?" I asked. "For example," Jim said, "you've got to be willing to give blowjobs." Knowing that I had to have sex with bbs biz pedo the director, I tried to think of some lame excuse to get him in bed, even though I really did not want to. "Uhhh, it's just that I'm not sure how to make it look good in front of lollita dark bbs the camera. Maybe you could show me." Jim raised his eyebrow and said, "Yes, that's a good idea." We started walking toward my dressing room and I knew that as soon as I got this over with, I'd be out of this body. Jim opened the door and sat down on the chair. "Now, the first thing you've got to remember is that you're doing this for an audience, so you've got to let the camera see what you're doing." I watched Jim as he unbuckled his belt and started to ease down his pants. I was absolutely repulsed at what I ls bbs top was rompl bbs pics about to do, but I knew the sooner I did it the sooner it would be over. I knelt down in front of him and brought my mouth toward his crotch. "First, in a good oral scene the woman will lick the cock thoroughly before sucking it." I did nastia mouse ibbs as he wanted and I stuck my tongue out and started to take little licks of his penis. The taste was not unlike a woman's cunt, but early teens bbs the thought of what russian boys bbs I was young lollita bbs forum doing was still repulsive. I continued licking and then I put my entire mouth over his cock. I began bobbing my head up and down as he extended his hands toward my breasts. "Ohhhh Sherry," Jim said, "that feels so good. You are doing an excellent job. The camera will love you." As I continued sucking, I could taste his precum. I stopped before going too far and I removed my mouth from his cock. I sat on his legs knowing that all I had to do was have him come inside of me and then I would be out of here. Grabbing hold of his cock, I carefully aimed it toward my cunt. Leaning forward, I pushed it deep inside. I then began bucking up and down on his legs. "Sherry," Jim said, "you are so good at this. teen bbs defloration You're going to make a great actress some day." I continued fucking him and then I heard moans coming from his mouth. "Oh, Sherry, you're going to make me come." In nn child models bbs an effort to liven the conversation, I said, "Yes, Jim, come in me. I want to feel your hot come inside of me." I gave a few more bucks and then I felt a warm liquid squirting deep into my cunt. I had never felt anything so good. It was incredible, and I was just about ready to come. With each spurt my orgasm was getting closer. I then felt my vaginal walls contracting around the cock inside of me and the sensations were amazing. I had completely forgotten who I was as I rested on top of Jim's legs with his softening cock deep within my cunt. At that moment I heard Al's voice in the background. "I hope you enjoyed yourself," Al said. "Ohhh God," I said, "that felt great." "You were wonderful," Jim said. "Well Sam," Al began again, "I hope this guy's name is John, because that's who you're supposed to have sex with." "What?" I yelled. "I said you were wonderful," Jim said. "Sorry Sam, but this is the wrong guy," Al said. "The director you're supposed to have sex with is not the director of this movie." "You're kidding," I said. "No, I'm not," Jim thumbnails bbs said. "You were really wonderfully." "Nope," Al said. "You're going to have to do this all over again. Next time, though, I think I'm going to watch." I bbs picture cute rolled off of Jim and stories sex bbs rested naked on the couch with my legs slightly spread allowing my vagina to cool and dry off. I little angel virgins bbs watched as Jim zipped up his pants bbs list teen galleries and headed toward the door. "You know, Shannon," Jim started, "you're going to make an excellent actress." He then walked out the door and I stared at Al. "What?" I exclaimed. "Sam, I can't help but look at your body," teen bbs toon Al said. "If I could touch you, you don't know what I'd want to do." "Talk to me Al," I said. "What is it that I have to do?" "O.K. Sam," Al, said. "Here's the deal. You have to have sex with a director named John. pretens free bbs You're going to have his baby and in about 20 years or so, he's going to save the President's life." "How?" I asked. I watched as Al punched a few keys on the computer. "Ziggy says that your son, uhhh, excuse me, little schoolgirls bbs Shannon's son is going to be driving through D.C. and will get into an accident with a man who would have shot the President." "Are you sure about this?" I asked. "That's what Ziggy says," Al replied. "Boy, Sam. I just can't help toplist bbs lita to look at those tits." "Shut up, Al," I replied. I watched as Al disappeared. Shortly afterward, I heard a knock at the door. "Come in," I yelled. The door opened and in walked a gorgeous woman. "Hi adolescent nude bbs Shannon, Jim said that you'd be in here." "Uhhh, hi," I answered. "Do you need a ride home today?" she asked. Being that I had no idea where home was, I gave an affirmative answer. I put on some clothes and we walked out of the studio. As I got into the woman's car, I noticed a tassel hanging from the rearview mirror with the name teen naked bbs 'Jennifer' dangling off to the side. "I watched red lolas bbs your scene with Sherry," the woman bbs vid said. "You did a pretty good job." "Uhhh, thanks, Jennifer," I said. "I wish I was in the movie with you so that we could do a scene together," she said. "Perhaps we can be in the next movie together," I bbs boy porn said. "Yea, John says that he has a movie coming up soon," she said. "You mean John the director?" "Yes." The car stopped. "Well, virgin bbs free here you are." "Thanks for the ride, Jennifer," bbs porn movies I said. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" I needed to talk a little longer with Jennifer so that I could get more information as to where I could find John. "Would you like to come in?" I asked. "Sure," Jennifer replied. We entered the house and the first thing I saw on the mantle of the bbs young porn fireplace was a row of dildos. "Nice dildos," Jennifer said. "Thank you," I answered. "Would you like anything to drink?" I asked. "A beer will be fine," she answered. I found the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. I found a couple of bottles and beer and brought them to the living room, setting them on a table in front of the fireplace. We both sat down on the couch and opened the bottles. I watched Jennifer as she sensually put her mouth over the neck of the bottle. Watching her tongue lick the bottle really turned me on. I felt a familiar top 50 bbs cp warmth emanating from my crotch. She walked toward the fireplace and picked up a dildo. "So which one is your favorite?" she asked. "They all are," I answered. I watched as she brought sex cartoons bbs the dildo in her hand toward her crotch. "I wonder how this one feels?" she asked. "I don't know," I answered. "Would you like to try it?" She lifted up her skirt to reveal a naked, shaven svens storyboard bbs pussy. She brought the dildo toward her cunt and rubbed it in a gentle circular motion. She walked back to the couch bbs underground russian and sat down, resting her legs on the coffee table. "Did you know that I've been able to please other women without a dildo?" she asked. "How?" I asked. She didn't answer, but as she continually rubbed her cunt with the dildo, I could see a protrusion appearing bbs loita from the top of free child porno bbs her hole. I was amazed. "Would you like to suck my clitty?" she asked. I immediately dived toward her crotch and stuck my tongue out to bdsm movie bbs torture meet her hole. I brought bbs cgi cum my tongue to her clit and began licking away. Her clit actually stuck out over an inch. "Ohhh, Shannon," she moaned. "You are so good at this." She grabbed my shoulders and pushed my mouth away from her cunt and brought me toward the floor. She set herself on top of me, bringing her mouth toward mine. As I spread my legs slightly, I felt something at the opening of my pussy. "I want to fuck you, Shannon," she moaned. And then nonnude russian bbs I felt something penetrating my hole, which was followed by a shriek from Jennifer's throat. Her clit inside my hole felt quite different from lol photo bbs Jim's cock, but it felt great nonetheless. I again completely forgot who I was and immersed myself in the sex. She began gentle gyrating motions as I moaned in earnest. Although her clit only penetrated slightly through my pussy lips, it was enough to do the job. dirty litle virgins bbs As my orgasm began to build, I lunged my mouth forward to meet Jennifer's and nearly bit her lips. I stuck my tongue deep within her mouth as she continued sticking her clit into my cunt. "I'm going to come," Jennifer yelled. Her gyrations became increasingly faster as she neared her climax. However, my vaginal walls pulsed in orgasm around angel child models bbs her clit and this through her over the edge. Her zeps bbs screams were almost deafening as she moaned through her orgasm. After her cries had ceased, she rested on top of me, kissing me deeply as we both relaxed from the sex. When she kneeled upright, I looked toward my crotch and could see both of our bushes coated by a liberal amount of fluids. I brought my hand towards our pussies and rub the liquids virgin angels sex bbs deeply to the roots of the hairs. "We sure made quite a mess," I said. "That's alright, I'll help clean it up," Jennifer said. She got off of my legs and moved her head toward my crotch. She then began to suck my hairs, licking off every drop of our fluids. After bbs elwebb she had sufficiently dried my bush, she rested on her back next to me. "You were so good, Shannon. Let's talk to John tomorrow about being in a movie together." This was what I needed to hear, sort of. All I needed to do now was to fuck John and then I'd be out of this body. "That sounds like a good idea," I said. Jennifer fell asleep. I got up and walked naked toward the kitchen. lo bbs guestbook The feeling in my chest was quite unique. And so too was the feeling in my crotch. As I walked toward the refrigerator, Al appeared. "You two were fantastic," Al said. "What? You were watching us?" I asked in shock. "How could I miss an opportunity like that?" "I wish you wouldn't do stuff like that. I do like my privacy sometimes." "Have you met John yet?" "No, not yet. But Jennifer and I are going to see him young 14yo free bbs tomorrow." "That's good." "Are you sure that I have to have sex with him?" "That's what Ziggy says." "Al, if you're pulling my leg . . bbs pretty ." "Sam, why would I do a thing like that? But, I sure wish I could pull your leg, and other parts of your anatomy." "Leave Al. Let me get some sleep." Al vanished and I returned to Jennifer and lay next to her. I covered our bodies with a blanket and fell cute bbs asleep. When morning came, I was awoken by board bbs mixx a vibrating sensation between my legs. I looked down and saw Jennifer with a vibrating dildo in her hand, resting it on my youngest dreams bbs pussy lips. I let out an uncontrollable moan as I felt the dildo penetrating my hole. She slowly pushed it in, then pulled it out. I felt a slight pain as she continued her penetration, but with each thrust the pain subsided as my fluids began to flow. Soon, the entire dildo, and Jennifer's hand was covered with my fluids. She began pumping the dildo faster and faster as I let out louder and louder uncontrollable moans. She then brought her other hand to my clit and when she touched it, sparks flew. I screamed in an almost painful manner, but it was not pain which I was experiencing. As she continued pumping the dildo into my hole, she rubbed my clit with greater and greater force. I couldn't control my vocal chords as I heard them scream with pleasure. I then felt the strongest orgasm yet explode through my entire body. As I looked down toward my crotch, I once again saw fluids spurting from my cunt. I watched as Jennifer's eyes widen and she immediately brought her mouth to my cunt to lick up the fluids. "You taste so good," Jennifer said as she continued bbs porn password licking my pubic hairs. She then brought her mouth to meet mine and kissed me as I tasted my own fluids in her mouth. "I called John and he says that he's going to come over in a few minutes." "Are you going to talk to him about the movie?" I asked in a breathless voice. "Of course," Jennifer answered. "He probably wants to do a screen test, if you know what I mean." I knew what she meant. All I had to do now was wait for him to arrive, do the deed, and then I'd leap out of this body. As we continued kissing, I heard a knock at the door and then I heard it open. "Hello Jennifer," a man's voice said. "Hi John," Jennifer said as she broke away from the kiss. "I'd like you to meet Shannon. She's the new actress who's working on a film with Jim." "Nice to meet you, Shannon," John said. "Nice meeting bbs top list hxxp you too," I replied. "Don't just stand there, John," Jennifer said. "Aren't you going to help us?" I watched John as he quickly took off his clothes. He then kneeled in front cp kids bbs of Jennifer who was laying on top of me. Jennifer lifted her head to take John's limp cock into her mouth. John's cock became harder and harder as Jennifer sucked it in earnest. Jennifer stepped up off of young bbs post teen my body and John kneeled in front of me with his cock inches away from my mouth. I was hesitant about sucking another man's cock, but the sooner I did it, the sooner it would be over. I lifted my head slightly until the tip of his cock rested on my lips. I could taste the saltiness of his pre-cum on my tongue. I then naked girls bbs opened my mouth all the way and took his entire shaft into my mouth. Never having given a blowjob before, I sucked his cock in a rather amateurish manner, as John russian bbs kids let me know. "It seems that we have a thing or two to teach you, Shannon," John said. I continued sucking as futaba image bbs I felt John's tongue at the entrance imageboard lol bbs of my pussy. He then began licking away, getting my fluids flowing once again. I saw Jennifer return who was now wearing a strap-on dildo. She too kneeled above my head, directly in front of John's ass, pointing the dildo toward his hole. When the dildo hit the opening of his asshole, I felt John's teeth digging into my pussy. I watched the dildo as it slowly disappeared into John's ass. His licking of my pussy became more violent as I felt his teeth biting my pussy lips. As I was once child bbs fuck again nearing orgasm, I increased the suction of my mouth on John's cock. "That's it baby," John said. "Suck it harder." Wanting to get this over with, I said, "I want you in me. I want to feel your hard cock in my cunt." "That's the way I want to hear it," John said. "Jennifer, let's give her a three way." Jennifer removed her strap-on from John's ass and John got off of my body and lay on the ground. He then commanded me to lay on top of him. Jennifer helped as she aimed John's cock into my hole. Being sufficiently lubricated, his cock slid in rather easily. I then felt Jennifer's strap-on at the entrance of my ass. "Spread your legs, honey," Jennifer said. I did as she asked and I felt the dildo penetrating into my other hole. The sensation was quite incredible. I had never felt anything so good. Jennifer began thrusting into my ass and as she did she pushed me into girl bbs sex John's cock. Each thrust was followed by a moan as I completely immersed myself into the totally erotic sensations. "I'm going to come, baby," John said. "I'm going to shoot my load deep into your cunt." I continued moaning as sweat formed all over my body. I then felt a warm liquid shooting deep into my pussy. "Take it all, baby," John kids bbs galleries said. And then another spurt. And another. Before hearing another word, a bright flash of light immersed the room. I then heard a car horn. "Come on kid, move it," a man in the car behind me boys list bbs yelled. I looked at the stoplight and saw that the light bbs olita pics was green. I then took a look in the rearview mirror and saw a teenage boy. Oh no, I thought to myself. I'm going to have to go through puberty. "Step on the gas," the man yelled. I stepped on the accelerator and I heard another car horn toward my left. I glanced through the window and saw a car coming directly toward me on the cross street. I stepped on the accelerator and the car raced behind me, missing my car by inches. "Sam," a man's voice said. I looked in the passenger seat and saw Al. 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